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Spatio-temporal Variation of Water Supply Service in Bailong RiverWatershed Based on InVEST Model


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文摘 甘肃白龙江流域是我国嘉陵江上游水资源重要的补给地之一,对其开展流域生态系统水源供给服务功能空间定量评估研究,有利于水源区保护规划的制定和生态补偿机制的建立。论文基于研究区土地利用数据、气象、土壤和野外观测数据等,应用InVEST模型水源供给模块估算白龙江流域生态系统的水源供给量,并定量分析流域水源供给服务的空间分布特征及不同地形因子的影响。结果表明:白龙江流域生态系统水源平均供给量约在388 mm左右,且存在一定的空间异质性;中部干热河谷区域水源供给量相对较小,东南部山地林区降雨量大,水源供给量较高,林地(如云冷杉类、针叶林类等)和农田水源供给量较高。流域内水源供给量随海拔高度和坡度的增加呈现先增加后减小的趋势,其高值区主要分布在1 500~3 500 m和15°~40°区段;阴坡区域水源供给量大于阳坡区域。
其他语种文摘 Water supply service is not only an essential ecosystem service for supporting human well-being, but also a hot topic in ecology and hydrology. The quantitative assessment and mapping of spatiotemporal variation of water supply service have important significance for water conservation planning, water management and establishment of ecological compensation mechanism in the water source areas. Bailong River Watershed (BRW), a vital ecological function region of water supply and conservation in the upper Yangtze River, locates in the transitional ecotone of the Loess Plateau, Qinba Mountains and Tibet Plateau. Based on InVEST model simulations, RS, GIS spatial analysis, field observation and survey, BRW was selected as a case to estimate water supply service and analyze the impact of vegetation types, elevation, slope, slope direction on the spatiotemporal pattern of water supply service. Moreover, the reference factors and data, such as land use, meteorology (eg. precipitation, evapotranspiration), soil and the DEM data, were preprocessed and calculated. The results showed that the average annual water yield and total water yield in the BRW were approximately 388 mm and 9.0 billion m~3. There was a significant spatial heterogeneity of water supply in the basin. The southern and southeast areas of the BRW had higher volume of water supply per unit area, especially in the forest areas and nature reserves, such as Dieshan mountain forest region, Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve. Low water yield area mainly distributed in central valleys of BRW between Zhouqu and Hanwang town, which were not only dry-hot valleys but also centralized agricultural and urban areas. The comparison of water conservation capacity between different types of vegetation landscape indicated that the spruce and fir, quercus, broadleafed forest, mixed coniferous and broad- leafed forest, evergreen coniferous forest and other high- forest had high water yield capacity in the BRW. The areas with the highest water yield distributed from 1 500 to 3 500 m and from 15° to 40°. Moreover, the water yield capacity was higher on shady slope than on sunny slope.
来源 自然资源学报 ,2017,32(8):1337-1347 【核心库】
DOI 10.11849/zrzyxb.20160799
关键词 水源供给功能 ; InVEST模型 ; 生态系统服务 ; 白龙江流域

1. 广西师范学院, 北部湾环境演变与资源利用教育部重点实验室;;广西地表过程与智能模拟重点实验室;;西部环境教育部重点实验室, 南宁, 530001  

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3. 广西师范学院, 北部湾环境演变与资源利用教育部重点实验室;;广西地表过程与智能模拟重点实验室, 南宁, 530001

语种 中文
文献类型 研究性论文
ISSN 1000-3037
学科 环境科学基础理论
基金 广西师范学院科研启动经费资助项目 ;  国家自然科学基金项目 ;  北部湾环境演变与资源利用教育部重点实验室系统基金
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